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The purpose of this site is to provide some insight to the uses and comparable software for geometry and other courses using geometry, and also to create a connection between various websites/videos for Polyhedra and Crystallography. This site is a work in progress , so it will be updated at least once or twice a week. There are a vast amount of resources out there on the market for this particular purpose. This site should be able to crunch down and lock in to the specific traits that an educator teaching geometric subjects needs. Unless specified, the software listed below is FREE, this is a plus for students! If there is a * symbol next to a link, then this software may be also used with another programming language.If there is a $ symbol listed next to a link, then you may have to purchase a license in order to get a free version turned into a pro version.

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Joy D'Andrea,Ph.D. - Instructor/Unit Chair of Mathematics & Statistics at USFSM [jd]

Adela Ramos USF Undergraduate [ar]

Popular Geometry Software for K-12


Geometry Software for Advanced High School students and College students


Coming Soon!

Coming soon in the next week or so will be additional updated links and also an area that shows some educators/schools that are using some of the software listed, complete with contact info and a review about the software. 7/11/2013 Update on the coming soon: The development and connecting of the various educators using some of the particular software listed is moving along well, just waiting to hear back from a few in email. Stay tuned!

10/6/2013 Update: The process of reviews for ussage of software is in progress. We have a wonderful USF undergrad working with us (Adela Ramos), who is searching the net, literture, etc, and is in the process of writing reviews for some of the software listed in the math geometry software section. This page also has a Polyhedra and Crystallography site source spot now. In the next month, we will have updated videos on crystallography! And a comment box! Stay tuned. Update 10/27/2013: the site is continuing to grow and our awesome undergrad Adela Ramos is doing a fantastic job. Thanks Adela! Included in this update is a new box that will be devoted to Chemistry and a software package that undergraduates use in their studies. It is called the Spectroscopy Database (SDBS), we will have a review with that soon. In our next update, pictures of people working on the website will be included in their profile boxes. I'm currently In Atlanta and it is cold here..burrrr..Next update in a week! Stay Tuned!

Crystallography & Polyhedra sites

Crystallography Sites and Software

Crystallography Sites

Crystallography Software

Polyhedra Sites and Software

Polyhedra Sites

Polyhedra Software

Crystalllographic and Polyhedra Artistic Sites


Crystallography Videos
  • Video on a lecture of the Introduction to Point Groups

  • Video on a lecture of the Introduction to Space Groups

  • Video on understanding what Crystal Structures are

  • The 14 Bravais Lattices

  • Characteristics of Crystals and Elements of Symmetry Part 1

  • Characteristics of Crystals and Elements of Symmetry Part 2

  • Spectroscopy Database (SDBS)

  • SDBS
  • P for Polyhedra : Image from farm6
    P for Polyhedra : Image from farm6