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My name is Joy D'Andrea. I am PhD student in the mathematics dept at USF. Research interests include mathematical crystallography, polyhedra info, various higher education topics, instructional design, social network model design, computer programming, etc. I am also a Visiting Professor of Mathematics at USF in Sarasota starting in August 2013. For viewers, I will try and keep this site neat and compact as possible. There are links to other sites I have made within the colored tables/boxes below. I like scroll boxes and drop boxes on my websites, so hopefully people will not get lost on here.

This section is for my Interactive Media Course

This is the link to my Interactive Media Course Assignments,Interactive Media Check them out if you like.

More about Me and Crystallography

This is the link to the Stats-Crystal USF Group website Stats-Crystal Group
This will lead you to the Geometric Educational Resource site
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